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Money spells are simple spells, practical and fun to realize even from the comfort of home. These spells are fantastic if, for example, you want to bring a bit of abundance into your life or if your financial situation is not the best and you want to...

How I Got My Husband Back Home - All Women Read This.

April 12, 2021

I am Alice a nurse in a private clinic while my husband is a lorry driver. We lived well until that point he became used to me and started developing a cold shoulder. We actually met in a funny way after he saved me from some men who wanted...

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My "chuma ya doshi" Never Rises To The Occassion When I Am With A Woman.

March 08, 2021

When a man reaches the age of 18 years, an independent age to make their own decisions, that urge of having a lover, opposite sex popes- up, the need for having a girlfriend. Many people subscribe...


You realize the man you married in a colourful wedding is not a real man on the night of your honey moon. Hey beautiful lady, what will you do? You use all means to wake up his cock but all is in vain.Be it caressing him, dancing naked before him...

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April 27, 2020

When I was 16 I used to go to the Nairobi roller skating rink every Friday. I was always a happy bubbly girl and I knew everyone there. I would always greet new people so they felt welcome. There was a new guy at the skating rink. He seemed...


We’ve seen couples acting out the unity candle ritual in many of the weddings we’ve attended over the years.“Today, these two people are no longer two individual lives, but one flesh united in holy matrimony before God and these...

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My Younger Sister Turned To A Delilah, She Had Frequent Sex With My Husband.
March 31, 2021

I learned from that one mistake I did of bringing my younger sister at our place of residence. Three years ago my younger sister came to live with us in Utawala area Nairobi County. Life back at home was difficult and so our house was a better...


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My Marriage was Shaky, Love Candles Brought it to Normal.
March 10, 2021

I was happily married and lived with my husband Kinoti in Runda Estate Nairobi County. Marriage life was good until recently.He was a manager at a marketing company in the city and I was a bank teller at a government bank by the same ...

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Jinsi Nilivyotuma Shilingi Laki Tisa Kimakosa na Kunusurika Kutapeliwa.
Oktoba 8, 2020

Ni siku ambayo siwezi kuisahau maishani mwangu, siku ambayo mama yangu mzazi aliruhusiwa kurudi nyumbani baada ya kupata matibabu ya upasuaji wa tumbo katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili. Daktari alimpatia dada yangu...


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With my vast knowledge to cast spells, I could provide you solutions for goodluck spells so that good things may always come into your way. Try Kiwanga Doctors and you will like it.

Baada Ya Kuangaika Miaka 6 Hatimaye Nikapata Mtoto
Desemba 27, 2020

Natanguliza shukurani zangu za dhati kwa Kiwanga Doctors kuniwezesha na mimi kuitwa mama baada ya kuangaika kwa kipindi cha miaka 6 nikiwa kwenye ndoa na bila mtoto. Kwa sasa nina umri wa 36 na niliolewa nikiwa na miaka...

Hips & Bum Enlargement

Watch me rolling the goodies; I want all men to always turn around their heads whenever I pass by. This is a dream that all beautiful ladies aspire to have. Actually it ...

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Nightmare Spell

You realize that you have sleepless nights. People fighting you, accidents in sleep, horrific images and so many more. How do I cast them? Book an appointment ...

We could fight during sex because he wanted by force-Lady cries out. January 11, 2021

“Many people think that being in Marriage is an excuse to treat your spouse badly. There have been many cases of household violence, abuse and neglect of women, married, in their homes but many feel that it’s a case that should be...

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How A Ghetto Youth From Kibera Kenya Managed To Beat Poverty And Become A Music Celebrity
December 27, 2020

A famous Kenyan musician, whom I will not reveal his name, disclosed how he managed to become a celebrity in music not just in Kenya but in eastern and central Africa despite having grown from a humble back ground in Kenya’s largest...

Love Spell

If you have any problems in your life regarding love situations,love spell or a lost lover for marriage, relationship or affair that you seek, Well, Let Dr...

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"I need You to Be My Second Wife" I Heard My Husband Tell My Sister.
December 03, 2020

I really loved and respected my sister; she was more than a sister to me having grown up together, our memories at child hood can just tell how close we were, its recently when she disappointed and broke all that when I bursted her with my...


High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. You can have high blood pressure...

Boss Wangu Alilala Na Mke Wangu Ikanibidi Nifanye Jambo Hili Mwanaume
Novemba 6, 2020

Baada ya miaka 6 nikiwa nafanya kazi katika Hospital moja hapa mkoa wa Tanga, kwenye kitengo cha upasuaji nimeweza kuwa na na ushirikiano mkubwa sana na wafanya kazi wenzangu pamoja na Mkuu wa kazi akiwemo...

My Wife Left Me For Another Man. She Also Sued Me For Child Support But She Lost Badly. Thanks To Kiwanga Doctors.
December 17, 2020

Marriage has a lot of ups and downs, talk about domestic wrangles, financial issues and trust issues. But what my wife did is totally unacceptable; she divorced me for another man claiming that she had met a good looking handsome man that...

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Niliweza Kushinda Milioni Katika Mchezo wa Bahati Nasibu na Kuweza Kupiga Teke Lindi la Umaskini.
Januari 27, 2021

Kila wakati neno Umaskini linapotajwa hakuna mtu yeyote anayetaka kujihusisha nalo hata kidogo. Hata hivyo kila mahali duniani hakukosi mtu maskini, sio tuu maskini bali maskini fukara. Swali ni unafanya nini kujiondoa katika hali ...

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My Hot Mother In Law Wants More Intimacy ,This Is After I Banged Her Once.
March 17, 2021

We had been married and living together with my wife in such a stable relationship. Most of the times we went visiting her mother back at their home in Ahero Kisumu County. A week would not end without us visiting my mother in law in...

Kiwanga Doctors treats but God heals. Get in touch.
My husband cheated on me and wanted a separation.
December 03, 2020

My husband Gary, about a year and a half ago cheated on me but I managed to find out. The affair was a one night thing and we managed to get through the details and found out that he did talk to her for about 3 weeks in total. When he...

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This ring makes love sensations move in you and your partner to the extent of always thinking about each other. In other words...

"Ooh We Mtamu Kuliko Mume Wangu" Alisema Huku Akihema.
Februari 03, 2021

“Umdhaniaye ndiye siye” kwa miaka nane nimekua kwenye ndoa na mpenzi wangu niliyempenda kama chanda na pete. Sikujua siku moja angefanya alichokifanya. Kweli asante ya punda ni mateke. Naishi katika mtaa wa Embakasi...