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You realize the man you married in a colourful wedding is not a real man on the night of your honey moon. Hey beautiful lady, what will you do? You use all means to wake up his cock but all is in vain.Be it caressing him, dancing naked before him but nothing is happening. Actually the man is impotent. Sorry lady for not practising sex before wedding; that is the comment you get from your peers. But you need not worry at all. Dr. Kiwanga has the solution to dicks that cannot wake up. The Doctor will give you Kanyanyasi PLUS other three herbs to solve your problem within three days. Book an appointment today with the doctor.

Our pride is in offering herbal remedies that work for you and your well being. We have several years of experience in the treatment of several diseases and conditions using herbal remedies. Get in touch.


High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. You can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms. Even without symptoms, damage to blood vessels and your heart continues and can be detected. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke.

Kiwanga Doctors has the cure to hypertension using herbal medicine. The treatment takes a month. Book an appointment today.

Kiwanga Doctors helps drug addicts stop using alcohol, cigarrette, cocaine and other forms of drugs.

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Penis Enlargement

You wish you could have that beautiful lady as your partner.You spend a lot of time chasing her and all in all you get the queen of your heart. Definitely, love will not be complete without quality sexual intercourse. Because of your short 'gun', the queen is not satisfied whenever you engage in sex. More so when she coughs the moment you are inside, the pen gets out immediately. This is a quite embarrassing scene.

It is evident that all ladies enjoy a pen that scratches deep deep inside. If you are a guy with a small 'gun' and you want your sexual life restored for good, consult Kiwanga Doctors. The doctor will treat you using three doses of herbal drugs and all will be well after four days.

I have been consulted to treat broken bones, lost memory, chest pains, heartache, headache, high fever, piles, leprosy, teeth ache, neck pains, back pains, poisons, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and much more.

Hips and Bum enlargement

Watch me rolling the goodies; I want all men to always turn around their heads whenever I pass by... This is a dream that all beautiful ladies aspire to have. Actually it is the Hips and Bum that brings out the beauty. Ladies, do not let your man divorce you because of your tiny bum and hips that cannot even match the beauty. I will make your hips and bum attractive within 7 days. Get an appointment today.

Call Kiwanga Doctors for consultation services on Saturdays from 8AM-2PM.

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Blood sugar reducing or builds up in the body? Do not worry. Kiwanga Doctors has a perfect solution to Diabetes. He treats you using three herbs and you will be alright after three months. Book an appointment today or call for more advice.

Kiwanga Doctors treats but God heals.

Tummy Decrease

They call it extra pocket for food storage. After giving birth to the first kid, the tummy will start hanging. This problem will persist for as long as you keep on having kids. Because this makes one look unattractive, some ladies will even go to the extent of tying a belt on the tummy with the aim of decreasing the belly size. This is not the correct procedure.See Dr. Kiwanga now for an accurate remedy to this problem and all will be well after three months.

Kiwanga Doctors is not limited to location. He serves all his clients locally and across borders in East Africa.

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Tuberculosis -- or TB, as it’s commonly called -- is a contagious infection that usually attacks your lungs. It can spread to other parts of your body, like your brain and spine. The treatment here at Dr. Kiwanga is very simple. I use African traditional herbs and within four weeks you are okay. Get treated today.

Kiwanga Doctors assists one to get the love of their life.


Gonorrhea is an infection caused by a sexually transmitted bacterium that infects both males and females. Gonorrhea most often affects the urethra, rectum or throat. In females, gonorrhea can also infect the cervix. Gonorrhea is most commonly spread during vaginal, oral or anal sex. But babies of infected mothers can be infected during childbirth. In babies, gonorrhea most commonly affects the eyes.

With my vast knowledge to treating STIs, I will treat you within 14 days using herbal medicine. Try the Doctor today.

Kiwanga Doctors treats but God heals.

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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Syphilis can be passed on through sex without a condom, sharing needles and injecting equipment and from mother-to-child during pregnancy. Kiwanga Doctors can cure Syphilis with herbal medicine within 28 days.

Book an appointment with me for a genuine treatment.

Kiwanga Doctors has been trusted by many patients from across Kenya and the rest of East Africa for healing because his herbal remedies have been proven to work.

Pimples and Acne(Chunusi)

Pimples! Pimples! Pimples! Are you in constant fight with pimples and acne that have proved difficult to disappear? You cannot get out of the house and meet people because of pimples.

I have the cure to this problem and you will soon have a baby face after 14 days. How does the whole procedure look like? Book an appointment with me for an accurate and perfect solution to pimples, black spot and acne.

Kiwanga Doctors treats but God heals.

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