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Revenge Spells

How I got revenge against a friend who raped me

When I was 16 I used to go to the Nairobi roller skating rink every Friday. I was always a happy bubbly girl and I knew everyone there. I would always greet new people so they felt welcome. There was a new guy at the skating rink. He seemed old to me but regardless, I went and introduced myself and he told me his name(We shall use Edmond). We talked all night and kicked things off. I learned he was 24 but it didn't bother me and I found it attractive. He gave me his airtel number and we continued talking from there. He had a girlfriend who was 20 and she loved having me around. The calls became more frequent until we were calling every night. They would often baby me and treat me like I was a younger sibling or kid. I started to grow on to them and I started to love the guy. I confessed my love to him and he told me that him and his girlfriend loved me and wanted to be in a three-way relationship.

I said no, and things began to escalate. He started self-harming on Skype and I would cry hysterically and beg him not to. That started to happen every night. He started trying to kill himself every night making me go in to more hysterics and freak out. But, I kept talking to him because I "loved" him. One time, he was trying to hang himself from the ceiling fan and I was crying so hard that he stopped what he was doing and started laughing and said he found it funny when I cried. Also around this time he started sending pictures of disfigured body and laughing at them. I asked him to stop but he never did.

Every time I would go to his house his started touching me. He always insisted that his girlfriend stay in the room and watch but the touching and the girlfriend being there always made me uncomfortable. But, I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to lose him. This went one for a few weeks before he started wanting sex. I told him I didn't because I wanted to stay a virgin until I was 18. (It was a promise to myself) One day, when his girlfriend wasn't home he did the usual touching. But, this time it got further. He asked me to take all my clothes off and started to coarse me. I didn't want to but I was torn between making him happy and making myself happy. I eventually caved in only for me to push him off me and change my mind twice. On the third attempt he was getting pretty mad and didn't stop like I told him to. I didn't know what to do and I felt torn and broken. I still hung out with him though because I "loved" him. One day when his girlfriend was there, he coerced me into a threesome and I hated every single moment.

I became so depressed I started to distance myself from everyone and that included him. I didn't know what to do or who to talk to. I felt like everyone would think I was a whore and would hate me. I also never made a police report because I didn't want him to get in "trouble" at the time. The fact that I didn't do this still haunted me. I hated knowing he is out free living a happy life and not dealing with the consequences of his actions. I felt he had to pay for what he had robed from me. He had taken away my happiness, my innocence and had replaced it all with hate, sex addiction and selfishness.

It took me a while to think about how I could make him pay for what he had done to me. I could not comprehend the pain he had caused me but I said to myself that come rain or sunshine, we shall get even one day. My cousin Ruto used to tell me about Kiwanga doctors but I was always skeptical on what they would do to help me. Eventually after giving it a much thought, I decided to make a move. I got in touch with Kiwanga Doctors and elaborated the pain I was going through. They were caring enough and told me to wait for the spell to get to work. Towards the end of last year, I hear Edmond had been arrested in Turkana region for having robbed money from a Chinese investor. Among the cases he was charges for was also rape of a police officer's wife and having sex with a goat. I went and attended the court session and I was seated at the back. When his sentence was read out to him and was ready to board the prison bus, he saw me on his way out of the court and hid the shame on his face. This gave me a lot of satisfaction and joy. Thanks to the Kiwanga Doctors for taking care of me.