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Relationship Spell

My husband cheated on me and wanted a separation.

My husband Gary, about a year and a half ago cheated on me but I managed to find out. The affair was a one night thing and we managed to get through the details and found out that he did talk to her for about 3 weeks in total. When he realized that I had figured out his grand plan, he expressed immense regret and shame and apologized many times. Then we reached a point where he was allowing his shame, depression, and guilt to literally eat him up from the inside out. He came to me expressing his needs saying that he needs to get help, but also feels like he should move out. He went on saying that being around me made things worse. I knew for a fact that he is not a talker and therefore he was struggling to open up and talk about his emotions.

He then turned his inability to communicate properly into self hate. He would take everything nice I do or say and convinced himself that he doesn’t deserve it and let’s that fuel his depression. He went on to say that living with me had become toxic for him. And I agreed, however I tried so hard to get him to see that it was because he wasn't communicating. He wasn’t getting anything out and off his shoulders. But he won’t agree to go to church for counseling. He insisted that he needed to fix himself and that I couldn’t fix him. However one thing stood out, that he needs to learn to live with himself and love himself after what he did, and learn to accept our situation and my love. This way he could build a better relationship with our children and then we can start to rebuild. From what he was explaining, he wanted to move into an apartment close by and come by whenever I allowed him.

He would tell me that he wants us to remain friendly and start dating so as to work on a fresh start and work up from there. He then shouted at me saying that it would be hard for me to grasp but he doesn't want to lose me and thought this is what is right for our relationship and family as well. However as a lady and his wife for all these years I had fears that after we had separated, we wouldn’t be able to make it work. Basing on his self hatred, poor communication and anxiety, I knew he would quickly lose interest in making it workout.

Soon the holidays ended and kids had to go back to school, however he didn’t have any money to foot the bills for school fess and associated necessities. I had to look for a money lender to help me with money to take back the kids to school. His depression had led him to staying in bed all day and forfeit work. I started to fear that I was sacrificing a lot for this relationship to workout however I had nothing but patience for him through the journey in trying to repair our relationship. All this while, I don’t get his sexual servicing as his wife and it sort of feels like is my wrong for getting him when he tried to cheat.

I kept hope for more weeks as am waiting for Gary to get out of his slumber however it was all in vain. I decided that I had to do something to lift his soul up. His esteem had been shattered and I felt sad for him. When I talked to some of my cousins, they told me about Kiwanga doctors who can bring love back in a relationship or marriage. At this point I felt like I was about to separate from him for his weakness. I got the contact to kiwanga doctors and called them. I elaborated the story and I was told its possible to get cure for my husband. The spell power was released and was also given some herbs to give him as he goes to shower and also to put in his tea. I did as I was instructed. After two days, I started to realize a change in Gary's mood.

One Wednesday morning, Gary asked me if we could start over. Out of the blue, I was swept off my feet. This was because all this while he hadn't said a word to me. I called Kiwanga doctors to tell them about the development. They told me to keep with the remedy and also my spell book. by the end of three days, Gary was back and fully functional. He had even started talking about separation and wondering how he would demand for his goats from my father's farm. I was really sacred but he managed to man up and face his deeds. Thank you kiwanga doctor for saving my marriage and family from breaking up.

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