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How I got my Husband Back Home.

I am Alice a nurse in a private clinic while my husband is a lorry driver. We lived well until that point he became used to me and started developing a cold shoulder. We actually met in a funny way after he saved me from some men who wanted to steal from me my laptop. We became a thing and he finally married me. We were happy. After several months in my marriage, I became pregnant. He was so happy and promised to take care of the unborn child. Good he was a bold man.

A year later again I started experiencing pregnancy signs and when I went for tests, It was true I was carrying another child. To me it was a surprise I never knew it but I was happy. When my husband returned from work, I informed him and to my surprise and shock he became very angry and told me to abort the child because he doesn’t want more responsibilities. Whaat??!

The next day while taking breakfast, I tried raising the issue but he declined saying that his words were final and he left for work. That day at work, I talked to a close friend of mine to give me some piece of advice. She advised me to leave the matter for sometime before raising it again to my husband. Still distressed, one day while in my office, another woman came pregnant and told me she was my co-wife. “I am also your co-wife. We share the same husband whenever he tells you he goes for a long journey he always visits me,” she said. This was another bombshell!

My life suddenly took a nose dive but luckily someone volunteered to give me some contacts of Traditional Doctors who would solve my issues. I called Kiwanga Doctors immediately and told them about my problem. They quickly cast Love Spells for. Believe it, today I have a happy family. My husband is serious with marriage now and he has promised to build me another nice house with my children.

Kiwanga Doctors also deal in healing and treating diseases like Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Cancer, Lung Infections, Strong Cough among other diseases. They also cast Goodluck Spells.