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"I need You to Be My Second Wife" I Heard My Husband Tell My Sister"

I really loved and respected my sister; she was more than a sister to me having grown up together, our memories at child hood can just tell how close we were, its recently when she disappointed and broke all that when I bursted her with my only and beloved husband, I nearly collapsed.

My name is Jane a resident of Isinya Kajiado county Kenya and I have been married to my lovely husband Johnston for ten years now together we have been blessed with two kids, whom we have been working day and night to educate and meet their daily needs to the maximum, my husband has been playing a bigger role in the family as a man something I really respect a lot, from day one exchanged vows in front of a congregation, he has been a good man I would say, each and every weekend was our outing session as most times he took us out and made sure that I was happy and enjoyed to the maximum as his lawfully weeded wife, I too played my part as a wife in the family as I was submissive to him and did all the things he required from me. Things only started to change when I introduced him to my sister who had arrived back to the country from the united states of America, I never thought that would happen until it happened, it was such a painful experience and such tempting in our marriage I would say.

My sister Angelika had been in the states for the better part of his life ever since he got a scholarship for higher education, and earned herself a job and decided to stay in the united states, I never knew her marital status as she never wanted to talk about it, on arrival to Kenya I decided to give her a place to stay for the time she would be in Kenya, she never wanted to go back to our matrimonial home as she feared being witched, By then my husband was on a business trip for the company he worked for in Nairobi so he never came home for two weeks, when he came back I played a role I had to play and introduced him to her and informed him she was my sister who was living in the states, I had talked to him about her before but he had not seen her face to face despite on her face book post she had uploaded on social media, things were going on well, until the time I realized that something fishy was going on between the two.

My husband was used to going out for warm ups exercise early in the morning likewise in the evening after work, they started to accompany each other, since she was my sister I never bothered to ask why because I trusted her so much, a week later things changed and they became so close to a point that my husband started buying presents for her, things got worse and I decided to secretly confront my husband on his relationship with her but he denied of having any relationship with her. One day I decide to come home late and secretly got in to the house and hid in one of the rooms, that’s when I learned that they were having an affair, I heard my husband tell my sister that “I need you to be my second wife, you have all the qualities I need from a woman,” my sister accepted his offer, when I got out to confront them I did not believe what I saw, they were both naked right in the act, my husband slapped me and said that she was his wife and kicked me out of the house.

I could not believe that, after I had calmed I decided to get help from kiwanga doctors who had helped me some time back, I wanted my husband back I met doctor kiwanga who casted two spell one to bring my husband back and one to punish my sister, a few days later my husband came for me on his knees apologizing for what he did, my sister too came crying for help, her private part was itching painfully and she knew I had a hand in it I forgave both of them and requested the doctor to heal her, thanks to kiwanga doctors, I have my husband back They also cast real and genuine spells like Money spell, Black magic spell, White magic spell and many others; on the other hand they heal and treat diseases like Pneumonia, Meningitis among other infections. .