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My Wife Left Me For Another Man. She Also Sued Me For Child Support But She Lost Badly. Thanks To Kiwanga Doctors.

Marriage has a lot of ups and downs, talk about domestic wrangles, financial issues and trust issues. But what my wife did is totally unacceptable; she divorced me for another man claiming that she had met a good looking handsome man that had suited her. I was left wondering what she up to; to my little understanding Human beings are made in the likeness of God and no matter what you have to respect how someone looks and his appearance don’t judge someone’s look, because I do believe you never know what they think deep down in their heart for you perhaps you might leave them for another person who might be worse than you may think.

My name is Johnston a husband and a father of two, I started dating with my wife when we were still in collage and after a short period of time we got used to each other we decided to settle down for marriage, we have been in marriage for a period of three years and we have been blessed with too kids, Jane and john as a man in the family I have been trying my level best to try and look after my family’s needs talk about paying the bills, school fees and many others only but to mention a few. It three months now when my wife started to behave awkwardly, she started to lack that respect towards me and always talked insulting words at me, I never knew it was going to get worse and never bothered to take it seriously, when she started quarrelling on issues I knew were non issues I would leave her alone and go about my issues and come some other time when she already cooled, Things got worse and I decided to seek some help from close family members whom I wanted to help me sort out some issues, I approached my in-laws and informed them about our marriage wrangles that had just gotten worse to a point my wife dared to fight me, though I never placed my hands on her, it was heartbreaking.

My in-laws turned out for a peace talk between I and my wife and we came to an agreement that all was well and no more fights and quarrels, she pretended to be nice in front of her mom, dad and siblings, a week after her behavior backed again she got worse, One day as I was arriving home from work I found a different men perfume in my living room when I went to the kitchen to try and get some little water to drink that’s when I found her with another man kissing, I was shocked, when I tried to confront her about it she categorically stated that she had fallen in love with the man since he was handsome that I was, I was perplexed and tried to ask her to confirm what she had just said, she repeated again and again that she had gotten her suit that she a had been looking for many years, they both left with my kids, a few weeks later I was apprehended in court, on claims that I was not supporting my child, I really wondered how, would I support if their mum had incited them against them, they had turned to some other children whom I did not raise, they never wanted to hear from me. the case was heard and the judgment day set, on the eve of the judgment day I decided to seek some help to win the case it was a tough one, the kids had been coached to turn against me I knew I was going to lose.

I called doctor kiwanga and talked to him about everything that had transpired in court, he promised me not to worry that everything will be ok, so I went in court for the judgment, the judge ruled that my wife be fined for disturbance and the kids be returned to their father, she lost badly, I was so happy to receive my kids back after a few months she came back to me on her knees apologizing for what she did.

Thanks to kiwanga doctors I won the case and got my family back, they also heal and treat diseases like meningitis, tuberculosis and many others they also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Money spell, black magic spell among others.