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How A Ghetto Youth From Kibera Kenya Managed To Beat Poverty And Become A Music Celebrity

A famous Kenyan musician, whom I will not reveal his name, disclosed how he managed to become a celebrity in music not just in Kenya but in eastern and central Africa despite having grown from a humble back ground in Kenya’s largest slum Kibera.

While on a radio interview at one of the biggest radio station in Kenya, he said that life in the ghetto wasn’t easy, with no food clothing and shelter, he was a fourth born in the family of eight siblings and he did face a lot at his childhood and had to abandon school at a younger age to go and work to help support his own family with basic necessities in their family.

By then he was a minor and a casual job he landed at a construction site was not just easy but too dangerous but he had no option but to do it. By his narration he informed the host of the show that his family was bewitched never to make in life, back then his father was a teacher and his mother a clinical officer but they both lost their jobs, in what he believes that witchcraft had a hand in it, his father was accused of coming to school drunk, something he said his father never did and has never done, he was later send home for good with nothing, a few months later his mother was also send home on false accusation something he says witchcraft has a hand in.

They had no option to end living in ghetto to be specific Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, since they could not afford the lifestyle they were living before at Langata estate Nairobi. In the ghetto life wasn’t easy as his mother had to wash clothes for rich people and his dad had to do hard jobs at different construction sites to help raise capital to pay bills and buy food stuffs for the family, money he said wasn’t enough.

When he turned 18 years of age, he moved away from his home since he was old enough to look for himself, he made a little savings and decided to venture into music to try and change his life, things were not appealing too, witchcraft was still haunting him and the rest of his family, He did record five songs shot quality videos but no one wanted to listen them, none of his song was even played on the radio, despite the hard work and resources plus much time he invested in it, he gave up and went back to do casual jobs at construction sites, to try and earn a living since his efforts in music were not giving in and placing nothing on the table, One day while on the streets a vehicle approached him and windows pulled down, it was his longtime friend who had made it despite him too coming from the ghetto, he welcomed in his vehicle and informed him how he changed his life by the help of a herbalist, he too was curious and asked him to take him to the herbalist to help him achieve his dreams in music.

His friend was hesitant but did take him to kiwanga doctors, he did explained his scenario and what he wanted “the doctor told me he was going to remove the witchcraft from me and my family and I was going to make it” a few days there after he went back to the studio and recorded a few songs that went viral a few days after its release, he took over the radio airwaves and later won as the best male artist in eastern and central Africa at the B.E.T awards.

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