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My Hot Mother In Law Wants More Intimacy ,This Is After I Banged Her Once.

We had been married and living together with my wife in such a stable relationship. Most of the times we went visiting her mother back at their home in Ahero Kisumu County. A week would not end without us visiting my mother in law in my wife’s company. The more we visited her the more I knew all her behavior. She was really kind and exhibited high standards of hospitality as she always prepared very delicious meals each moment we went to her place. As time went by, we started being so close to each other in the extent that we exchanged our phone numbers. Each moment she would call me and ask how our family was going on and if I was really taking care of her daughter. At times she would even send me love emojis on WhatsApp which really shocked me to an extent.

I did not reveal to my wife as I thought she was just a caring mother in law. As time went by I came to realize she had really got my attention where we could even send each other’s love messages and voice audios especially in late nights. My wife had zero clue of what was really happening as she saw everything was just in order. At some point my mother in law went to an extent of sending me her nudes where really she was hot despite her being 45 years of age. At some point I even send her my nude pictures just to keep the conversation going. My wife realized a change in my behavior and she started cautioning if she had really done something I did not like little did she knew I was in love with her mum.

After some point I started dating with my mother in law. I would skip work just to go to a lodging and bang my mother in law throughout the day then I would pretend everything was in order when I went back home. As time went by, meeting at the lodgings was now common and so we advanced to meeting her in our house while my wife was away as I would sneak back just to meet her. It was really odd having intimacy with my mother in law but due to her admirable outlook, I really had to each time we met. She demanded more and more intercourse. Since she was a single mother I knew well she had a dry spell and really craving for a hard screwing. One day we arranged a date with her in my house while my wife was away to work. I was on a one week leave hence it was really a good chance to satisfy her intercourse needs. After I had just started eating the sweetest fruit in the world, someone opened the door up. It was really my wife who had ambushed us having a nice moment with no other person but her mum. She really wailed in pain as she found us naked on the bed sweating as the styles had been just awesome.

She hurriedly packed her things and went away. Shame struck my mothers in law face as she too dressed up and went away. After a while, my wife called me and told me it was over and she had moved on. I was really heartbroken as I loved her only that I was possessed with an evil spirit. Moving on to a new relationship was too late. I happened to share my story to Otieno a workmate and he really castigated my behavior but promised me he had a solution to restore back my marriage at a glance. The next day he took me to Kiwanga doctors where I was attended. Three days when I returned home, my wife called me where she really said she wanted us to talk. We agreed together to get back as a family. We arranged a meeting with my mother in law and later went for cleansing to Kiwanga doctors. From that day we have lived happily with my wife and my mum in law. I really applaud Kiwanga doctors for their assistance. Kiwanga doctors also treat epilepsy; magic spells magic rings among others. They are the best herbalists in East African and not even herbalists who advertise themselves on billboards and other places can reach their levels. Contact them if in need for they are fast and effective in their work.