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How I got back my University Boyfriend and made him Marry me.

Dear Kiwanga Doctors, So, during semester break of university I had class with this boy named James. I remember seeing him in high school and we had the same A-level class and he remembered me. I'm not the best-looking girl but I got a good body shape; and I would always talk to him but he liked another girl at the time. So fast forward to a couple months later the girl she liked moved away. Eventually me and James talked non stop all night, all day for weeks.

So, we were on Christmas vacation of 2016 and he told me he had feelings for me. I was shocked because he was a little more popular and I wasn't really nothing but the thing about James that caught my attention was he was this popular boy but had a really sad story. He would cut him self and not tell anyone. So, when we got back to school the first day back, I asked him out and he said yes. And everyone gave us shit because I wasn't the greatest looking.

Fast forward again to about 6 months things were great and I was in love with him. But then we were on/off for a while but we always found our way back to each other. Fast forward to a year later. We had been dating for a year now, we had a lot of stuff happening but we both always loved each other and always found a way to make it work and I always loved him. Fast forward one last time to two years now. He was still the love of my life and we broke up, during our break up he hooked up with other girls and went out a lot and it hurt my soul more than anything. He eventually apologized to me and said he regretted it all and we got back together.

Soon, it's Christmas time and I got him a Masai kanga and some jeans I know he liked and he appreciated my gifts, we even spent the night together. Things were going great now and he loved me again and things are back to normal then suddenly he never wanted to hangout with me, he never let me hug or kiss, he became the rudest and meanest person I had ever met. At some point after his best friend invited us to a party; he started talking to one of the girls he hooked up with and he became the rudest, meanest, most heartless man I ever met and the James I fell in love with two years ago died.

He said how he doesn't care about me a single bit, he tried to get me jealous at the party all night meanwhile I was to high and drunk to care and even the girl he left me for left him. Despite all that I still loved James a lot and cared but I really needed to give him space and move on because the point of a relationship is to build your partner up not break them like they are a mirror and you are a hammer. However, I made sure I told hm that I care for him and he’ll always have a place in my heart but he kept acting too childish and tried to hurt me anytime I tried talking to him.

I was hurt a lot because he cares more about the girl he cheated on me with than the me who was always there for him, loved him and cared about him more than himself for two years. I'll always loved him and I'll always cared for him. I have been at my parents’ home for a while now and my mom; as you know Tanzanian mothers, she is always asking me when am getting married. She kept wondering how I didn’t manage to get a man for myself at campus. So, I decided as a smart woman to go and claim what is mine.

I got in contact with Kiwanga Doctors to help me manage James and make him marry me. I paid the consultation fee and did as I was told. The doctors helped me with a marriage spell that would help me get James to recognize my love for me. As I left, I was told that James had been put under a spell by his current girlfriend but they would still help me with it. I m glad to inform you that James managed to come back to me and recently visited my parents home asking for my hand in marriage. Thanks Kiwanga Doctors.