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How I managed to get divorce from a toxic female that cheated on me with a thug.

I met a female we will call Angie. We initially started hanging out as friends while on my stay in Nairobi; Initially I come from Mombasa. This is what I needed most at the time as I had just lost my first girlfriend Shayna. But as I opened up about what had with Shayna (former wife), we got closer and Angie seemed to sympathize. We started sleeping together and eventually became a couple. I was still having to keep some focus on my mother, though I enjoyed my time with Angie. She seemed to appreciate that I actually listened, spoke honestly and was protective of her. She said she loved me, and I admitted I loved her. Things went along well for the most part. My mother’s need for assistance was fairly limited. Angie knew I what I’d endured losing Shayna and she seemed to understand the responsibility I had looking after my mom.

Angie and I had been in a committed monogamous relationship for well over a year when my mother had to have some medical tests done. My mom had a leaking heart valve and the tests were to determine if they could repair the valve. A week later we received good news, the valve could indeed be replaced. However, we also received devastating news, while running the tests they discovered four small masses in and around her right kidney. The odds were high that the masses were tumours and malignant.

The doctors did a biopsy to discover she did in fact have kidney cancer. She began chemotherapy and I knew my focus needed to be on my mom. Things had been going great with Angie, we were planning to move in together. She lived in a town about 30 miles from mine. When I told Angie about my mom, she seemed deeply concerned and supportive. When I explained it meant we would see less of each other, she assured me that she had no desire to put things between us on hold. She said she wanted to be there for me if in no other way than as emotional support. I told Angie, in fact I urged Angie; that if she decided she wanted to take a break or thought she might be interested in anyone she met to just tell me, and I would understand. She assured me that she cherished me in her life and that nobody could ever take my place in her life.

Initially the chemotherapy seemed to be having none of the horrible side effects. It was well into her second month before she started noticing weakness and a loss of appetite. I talked to / texted Angie multiple times per day every day. She would message me asking how my mom was doing as soon as she woke up each morning. And we often spent hours before falling asleep talking and telling each other how much they were missed. We got to see and spend the night together about every two weeks, but everything seemed fine when we did. My mom’s condition began to worsen so I told Angie that she should go out with friends and have some enjoyment in life.

As summer began, I knew Angie would enjoy going to outdoor activities even without me. My mom’s failing health that summer meant no fun in the sun for me. Angie would go out with friends and I enjoyed hearing about silly things she and her friends did. I was genuinely glad she wasn’t being a shut-in over issues in my life. She always expressed concern and sadness each time I told her what was going on with my mom. The chemo was in fact killing the cancer cells. However, she was growing more and more frail. I realized cancer was no longer killing my mother, the medicine was. I needed to take a break, so a group of ladies from my mom’s church came to sit with her to give me a little free time on my own. I called Angie as I was nearing her town. She gave me the address of where she and her friends were to meet them. When I arrived, I saw a most of her friends which I’d already met.

As I made my way through the house to the back deck, I saw a guy sitting very close to Angie. They were both laughing and cutting up with other friends. She introduced me as her boyfriend to the guy we will call “Mustapha”. He shook my hand insisting he was glad to meet me. I was cordial to him. I don’t think Angie suspected I immediately felt something was amiss with Mustapha. I suppose many people get a gut feeling when they encounter someone “shifty”. Due to my own criminal activity many years before, my “takes one to know one” instincts told me there was something shady about Mustapha. I knew he was new to their group of friends. None of them including Angie had known him longer than a couple of months. I must be clear that I know now what I felt at the time was not jealousy. Angie had many male friends all of whom I genuinely liked. But there was something I sensed about Mustapha that made me a bit sceptical about his character. I tried my best to ignore it, writing the feeling off as mere jealousy.

I began to talk with Angie and her friends trying to put my mind at ease. I monitored Mustapha from afar and interacted with him cordially. Angie and I stayed at her place that night before I had to leave to head home. Over the next several weeks my mother’s condition began to worsen. But Angie and I spoke and texted throughout the day every day. In hindsight I now realize I was initiating most of our communication, but at the time I wasn’t keeping count. One day a few relatives volunteered to look after my mom to give me a break. I headed to see Angie calling her on the way. She told me what restaurant she and friends were having dinner, so I made my way there. I was pulling into a parking space and saw Mustapha get into a late model black BMW. He pulled out though he did not see me, unfamiliar with my car.

I made my way inside where Angie and her friends greeted me with hugs and words of sympathy and encouragement. We all had dinner and a few drinks before Angie, and I went back to her place. Before bed I casually asked why Mustapha had left before I got to say hello. Angie stated she had no idea Mustapha had even been at the restaurant. The place we’d eaten was in a strip mall next to several other businesses. I thought perhaps he had come out of one of those stores and neither Angie nor her friends had seen him. At any rate I again stayed with her that night before heading back to my place about noon. The next day my mom became very ill and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She had pneumonia and was extremely weak due to the chemo and susceptible to many ailments. For three weeks she was hospitalized. They gave her many medications via an IV, but her condition worsened each day. The doctors finally informed me she had at most a week to live. I knew she would not want to leave this earth in that hospital room.

So, the staff made arrangements for Hospice to bring her home and help me make her last few days as peaceful as possible. When everything had been set up, we brought my mom home. Though extremely weak she was glad to see her house and familiar settings once again. We both knew she didn’t have much longer to live. While she was a bit afraid, she also told me she was ready to go and see my father once again after so long. I got one of my cousins to look after my mom for a few hours, got in my car and drove to see Angie without calling. I hadn’t called because I was crying so hard facing my mom’s impending demise. I wouldn’t have been able to talk. When I arrived at Angie’s house, I saw a black BMW parked in her driveway behind her car. I actually didn’t think anything of it as I was so focused on soon losing my mother. I used the key she had given me to enter into the kitchen as we always did. As soon as the door opened, I heard loud music playing but still didn’t really suspect anything. I saw no one in the living room or on the back deck. I walked down the hallway toward her bedroom and heard noises coming from inside.

As I reached for the door handle, I stopped. I realized the sounds I heard were sexual in nature. My heart sank even further as I pulled back my hand not wanting to draw attention. Her bathroom was connected to a guest room with an adjoining bathroom. I quietly walked around and into the unlit bathroom to find her bedroom door open. I stopped in my tracks as I saw them both completely naked going at it, oblivious to my presence. Honestly my first instinct was run full speed and introduce his face to the back of his skull with my knee. But I knew I had to stay out of trouble for the sake of my mother and my job. So, I slowly backed away shaking with anger. I went back through the guest room, out of the house and to my car.

I hadn’t been seen. I just sat there in the car bawling my eyes out. After about a half an hour, I cranked my car and headed back to my mom’s. I told no one what I’d just seen. Everyone assumed my tears were totally in regard to my mom. They of course partially were. But the betrayal I’d just seen witnessed was like something so sadistic I struggled to grasp it. My logic knew my mom was my top priority especially so close to the end. Yet I felt so deceived by Angie I felt a rage like I’d never known before; and I’d felt plenty of rage. I thought of calling Angie, letting her know what I’d seen and cursing her out. But I knew if she didn’t care enough to be faithful to me while my mother was on her death bed, a steam of profanity wouldn’t bother her. I made sure my mother was comfortable and went to try and sleep in my old childhood room. I cried, I slept. I woke up crying and cried some more throughout the night.

I awoke to my cell phone ringing and saw it was Angie calling. I ignored the call and the urge to slam the phone against the wall. I went in to check on my mom who was in a deep sleep due to the Morphine they had her on. I managed to text Angie I was very busy with my mom and would call her later. After forcing myself to eat food I didn’t want and taking a shower, the Hospice nurses came by to check on my mom. After checking her vital signs, they regretfully informed me that my mother would die within 48 hours. I thanked them and walked out into the back yard trying to not totally lose my mind with all that had happened and was about to happen. I managed to text Angie and told her my mother’s condition was about the same. I didn’t want to see her; I didn’t want to talk to her, and I didn't want her showing up. I owed it to my mom to do everything I could to make sure her last moments were as peaceful as I could. The next afternoon just before 4:00PM my mother took her last breath with me by her side holding her hand as her life expired.

The next three days I was in a total daze meeting with her pastor and making final touches on the church and burial service. But I could not for the life of me get the images of Angie and Mustapha fornicating right in front of me out of my mind. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I was mad at Angie, furious. But remembering how Mustapha had been so overly friendly toward me made my blood boil even more. If they hadn’t already been intimate when I first met him, they were soon about to. That made me want to know just exactly who the son of a bitch really was. I decided to contact a friend of mine who is a detective in Police to check on Mustapha. I hadn’t checked him out before because I wanted to trust Angie and her decision making. I’d sensed from the moment I met him he was bad news. I was actually angry at myself for ignoring my gut instincts.

When I finally got it right a link popped up which I opened to see an old mugshot of Will’s from many years before. I was once arrested and have done some despicable things in my life. I’ve known people who have done horrible things intentionally and under the influence of various substances. But Will had a long sheet for a variety of crimes. Several DUI’s, receiving stolen goods, breaking and entering, drug arrests were listed. As I went down through his record the arrests got more heinous. I discovered Mustapha had been out of prison on early probation approximately two years after serving 9 years. When I saw the charges included sexual exploitation of a minor, rape and a host of other sexual offenses I admit I was disgusted. Angie had betrayed me which hurt enough. The knowledge she may have risked me to God only knew what diseases that felon had gotten as a sex fiend and then eventually in prison made me feel physically ill.

Through all of this, I had requested Angie to file for divorce but she had refused. I couldn’t file because I didn’t want to be seen as a lesser man. So, I waited till she could do it but all in vain. Eventually I could not take it anymore, the mere fact of thinking about Angie and Mustapha made me sick to the bone. I decided to go back to Mombasa and contact Kiwanga Doctors on +254 768875707 to help with my issue since we always use them for most of our family issues. I paid my consultation in full because I knew I needed help as soon as possible so as to stay away from these people. As soon as I had explained my issues with them, I drive back to Nairobi in the middle of the night. The next morning, I heard of news on Tv about a notorious drug dealer who had been arrested in Matheniko, Mustapha was arrested for possession of drugs. Angie also came to me a week later with the letter for divorce; asking me to sign. For all your problems, contact Kiwanga Doctors.